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  • Visa Requirement

    Visas and residence permits for Students interested in studying in Latvia are acquired as part of the application and enrolment process. Based on a positive valuation of the applicant’s education documents provided by the Academic Information Centre (AIC) and a successful enrolment application. When the student has arrived, a residence permit is applied for by the university on behalf of the student for the period of studies in which the student is enrolled.

    • Application form for residence permit.
    • 3 recent passport size photographs, 35x45 colored, with white background. (Face cover 80%)
    • Passport (must be 6 month valid).
    • Payment Proof of University Application Fees, Tuition Fees and Resident Permit+ Security Deposit.
    • Police Clearance Certificate for Latvia (Apostle by Ministry Of External Affairs)
    • Financial Means of Subsistence:
      • Original Bank Certificate & Bank Statement with a minimum balance of 5700 Euro (Approximately 4,00,000/-) in student's personal bank account ONLY not older than 15 day.
      • Xerox of INTERNATIONALLY VALID Debit Card of the same Bank Account
    • Highest Degree needs to be apostle from Ministry of External Affairs for (Bachelor/Master/Doctorate)
    • Student has to deposit 500 or 720 USD as security amount to university directly which will be 100% refundable after completion of the program.

    Resident Permit Charges

    General Express Express
    (35 days) (10 days) (5 days)
    120 USD 320 USD 520 USD

    All Universities strongly suggest you to start the visa process once the student will receive the conditional Offer Letter, to cut down the express Resident permit charges


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