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    Each student must be aware that it is mandatory to be covered by health insurance for the entire planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia. The health insurance policy should guarantee coverage of expenses associated with health care provision in the Republic of Latvia, including expenses associated with return travel to one's country of origin in case of serious health problems. The minimum coverage limit indicated in the policy cannot be less than 30 000 LVL over the insurance period.

    The international students moving to Latvia & wish to stay in Latvia on the basis of temporary residence permit cannot receive the state guaranteed medical services! They have to pay themselves for the health care services and/or they have to use the private medical insurance!

    According to The Regulation of Medical Insurance for the Foreigners, an immigrant has the right to enter and stay in the Republic of Latvia if he/she has a valid medical insurance policy which guarantees that the costs of healthcare services in the Republic of Latvia are covered. The health insurance policy shall be presented, in order to receive a temporary residence permit.


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