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    There are 9 cities and 67 towns in Latvia. By Latvian law, towns are settlements that are centres of culture and commerce with well-developed engineer-infrastructure and street grid, and have at least 2,000 residents; however, a settlement can be designated a town, if it has fewer residents, but fulfils all other requirements. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with Latvia. This is an exceptional land with woodlands, marshes, lakes and rivers that have developed over the centuries at their own pace. Latvia can also offer beautiful national parks and historical heritage remains outside of the capital city. Apart from capital Riga, the below mentioned are key tourist attractions.


    Riga, the cultural capital of Latvia, is a vibrant and colorful city with many great venues for art, live music and celebration. A place that is breathtakingly beautiful. Riga has the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. A walk through the Art Nouveau district will give you some of the best examples of architectural style in the whole continent. An Impressive architecture work done by Latvian architects in the late 19th early 20th centuries on over 800 buildings. If you happen to be around on a sunny day, the soaring grandeur of the Freedom Monument will blow you away.


    Daugavpils is situated in the south-east of Latvia, 232km from Riga. It is only 25km from Lithuania and 35km from Belarus. The town is divided in half by the River Daugava and is surrounded by woods and cultivated land. Daugavpils –the second largest city in Latvia after Riga. Which is an important economic, cultural and tourism centre and a home for one of the biggest regional universities. Daugavpils is one of the few Latvian cities that can boast of a unique ensemble of classical and eclectic buildings. The cultural and historical heritage, including town planning, architectural, artistic, industrial and historical monuments, together with the surrounding landscapes shapes the image of Daugavpils and adds special charm to the city.


    Jelgava is a hospitable city situated on the banks of the River Lielupe, only 40 km from Riga. It is a city which is both willing to and capable of receiving guests. It has architectural, cultural, historical and natural monuments as well as contemporary buildings and attractive recreation facilities. Jelgava can cater to a wide array of wishes, be it relaxation, new impressions or cultural enrichment. Jelgava is most willing to share its gems. Entertainment and recreational spots, muesums and cultural events are all there waiting for you!


    Liepaja is the 3rd largest city in Latvia and 10th largest one in the Baltic States. Approximately 72 000 people have chosen it as their home place. The city is located on a stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the Liepaja Lake, which are connected by the Trade Canal. It is a destination city with high tourism added value. It provides high quality tourism services to diverse groups of travelers with different interests.


    Rezekne is located at an international crossroads, with routes to Riga (242km), Moscow (685km), St Petersburg (450km), and Warsaw (860km). The River Rezekne flows through the city for a total of ten kilometers. Rezekne is also known as the city of seven hills. This is the city where many ancient Latvian crafts and traditions – pottery, traditional cooking and bread making, weaving and folklore – are still very much alive.


    Ventspils is a capital of flowers and fountains; all over the city (even in electrical posts) you can find colourful cow sculptures, but streets, parks, squares and courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, figurative flower compositions and tasteful flowerbeds. Ventspils is in unwithering bloom even during the hottest summer days. Latvia’s most beautiful and dynamic cities. The air is brisk and clean, and the well-kept buildings are done up in an assortment of cheery colours – even the towering industrial machinery is coated in bright paint.


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