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    Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga in the west between Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, Russia in the east, and Belarus in the southeast. The Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga is the inseparable sights and has always been admired by tourists and local people. Latvia is among world's greenest countries.Its countryside is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, large spread forests covering over 40% of this country. Latvia also counts more than 3,000 lakes and 12,000 rivers and has four seasons of near-equal length. Winter starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. Winters have average temperatures of −6 °C (21 °F) and are differentiated by stable snow cover, bright sunshine, and short days. Summer starts in June and lasts until August.

The Latvian education system consists of secondary education and higher education. General education in Latvia in total lasts 12 years consisting of necessary 9-years basic education with 3-years secondary education. There is academic and professional education in Latvia. Most of the institution of higher education offer both academic and professional higher education qualification.

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    Riga, the cultural capital of Latvia, is a vibrant and colorful city with many great venues for art, live music and celebration. A place that is breathtakingly beautiful. Riga has the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. A walk through the Art Nouveau district will give you some of the best examples of architectural style in the whole continent. An Impressive architecture work done by Latvian architects in the late 19th and early 20th centuries on over 800 buildings. If you happen to be around on a sunny day, the soaring grandeur of the Freedom Monument will blow you away.

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